Freshwater Beach Holiday Park
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Just for Kids

Children love it here!

As well as offering all day fun, the following features prove really popular with kids of all ages.


Kids love our giant rabbit character called Flopper. He will teach everyone his special dance moves and by the end of the holiday everyone will be singing his special songs and joining in the actions.

Flopper and Yellowcoats


The Yellowcoats

Our Yellowcoat team are here to make your holiday extra fun. They are your hosts and friends throughout your stay and will lead the dancing, show you the moves, play games with the kids, and organise events and entertainment throughout the day and evening.  The Yellowcoats will be your kids' new best friends!

Captain Blood

Captain Blood is a pirate who plagues Freshwater Beach Holiday Park, plundering ice creams whenever he can.

The boys and girls on holiday hunt for Captain Blood, stalking him around the park in a big group, all chanting "We want Captain Blood". If the kids manage to catch Captain Blood, they can shoot him with their water-pistols and march him to the swimming pool and make him walk the plank. Good luck kids! We hope you catch him!

Activities Week

For one week each year, at the beginning of June, our entertainment is tailored for a group of special needs children who stay on the park funded by the Freshwater Activities Committee (a registered charity). The guests take part in field games during the day and enjoy a great party atmosphere during the evenings of their stay. The Freshwater Activities Committee operate various fund raising activities throughout the year, these funds then pay for special needs holidays.

FAC Fun Day

On the Sunday of Spring Bank Holiday weekend, the Freshwater Activities Committee hold a fun day which includes market stalls, hot dogs and burgers, a waterslide, skittles alley and much more to keep the whole family amused. All funds raised go towards caravan holidays for special needs children.


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